Work that took place this week:

The road base gravel was finished on the north side and graded for the paving operations to begin and on Tuesday, the Contractor began paving operations! A lane and a half of concrete was placed from Robinson to McCracken. Drainage structures and water valve boxes were adjusted to meet the new concrete. Crosswalks have been cut and those areas will be removed tomorrow (Saturday). The contractor also has to wait for the concrete to cure before they can continue paving the gaps for the crosswalks, driveway approaches, curb and gutter, and gaps for driveway and road access points.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 29, 2019:

Work will take place tomorrow, Saturday, July 27
Curb and gutter will be installed next to the new pavement
Gaps will be filled in with concrete and driveways and road access points will be switched over
Crosswalks will be poured with dyed concrete (Dark Grey)
Wall construction near Ruddiman Creek may begin
Access to driveways should be restored after concrete is cured, but the curb and gutter as well as the driveway approach work will continue to limit access