This past week, the contractor finished installing all of the water main pipelines and it was pressure tested for leaks. It passed the test. It was also disinfected and samples were taken today and they will be taken again tomorrow. The bacteriological tests will come back over the weekend. Once the tests say that the water in the new pipe is clean and safe, the contractor will perform a shut down on a portion of the existing system of water main to tie in the new water main. The contractor replaced the storm sewer at Broadway and Valk to the south. Access remains open to all driveways and side streets. Please continue to use the side streets to access Broadway.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 30, 2018:

Water main is tentatively scheduled to be tied in at Valk Street north of Broadway on Monday, July 30 in the morning. The water main will be turned off at Sherman, but there are few if any service connections on Valk between Sherman and Broadway. Any customers affected will be notified prior to having the water shut off. Most homes there are still on a well. Once Valk is tied in, both water mains (new and old) will be live and pressurized in Broadway.
The Contractor will then begin switching over individual water services with new water service pipes. During these, the water would be shut off to the home or business for about 30 minutes to an hour to complete the changeover.
More storm sewer branches will be installed at intersections
Additional street tie-ins may occur with the water main on Broadway. Any affected customers for these tie-ins will be notified via door hangar or a visit the day prior.