As promised, work began this week on the reconstruction of Mears Avenue south of Benston Road.  Work was not slowed too bad by the heavy rains and work is now proceeding on schedule.


Work Completed this Past Week

  • Traffic Control Signage was installed
  • Manhole covers were lowered
  • Fabric was installed on drains to protect waterways
  • The roadway was removed from the south side of Benston to south of Pinecrest
  • Water main installation began at the south end near Pinecrest and is proceeding north


Work Anticipated Week of July 31, 2023

  • Water main will continue to be installed along the west side of Mears from north of Pinecrest to Benston
  • New hydrants and valves will be installed with the new water main
  • Surveying for locations of new infrastructure
  • Storm drainage materials will be delivered to the site


Work Anticipated Week of August 7, 2023

  • Water Main pipe will hopefully be completed for installation and then be tested for cleanliness and leaks
  • Connections to the existing water distribution system may take place if all tests pass
  • Storm Sewer pipe and drainage structures may begin to be installed