As of this afternoon, the base course of asphalt has been paved on Phase 2!  


Work Completed This Week

  • Concrete curb and gutter was completed on Phase 2 along with some driveway approaches and sidewalk replacement.
  • After the curb was installed, the aggregate base was fine graded in preparation for asphalt installation.
  • The first of three layers of asphalt was paved on Peck Street from Laketon to Southern and on Dale Avenue from Peck to Clinton.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • The remainder of the concrete driveway approaches will be installed in addition to some sidewalk. Access to driveways on Peck Street will be temporarily restricted to residents and businesses until the driveway approaches are installed and the concrete is given enough time to cure (3–5 days after installation).  Street parking will be available along the side streets during this time. We appreciate your patience while the Contractor works to regain access to residents as soon as possible.
  • The leveling course (second of three layers) of asphalt is scheduled to be paved tomorrow (Saturday, July 31).
  • Manhole castings in the roadway will begin to be raised up to their final elevation on Monday, August 2.
  • Topsoil may begin to be installed and graded over disturbed areas on Phase 2.