The 16-inch diameter water main installation work began this week. Pipe was installed from Bailey at the west end of the job to just shy of the Valk intersection to the south. Driveways and intersections remain accessible. Water main pipe is laid out for installation next week.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 9, 2018:

Water main installation will continue from Valk east to the end of the Old Broadway alignment. Some driveways may become temporarily blocked as work proceeds in front of them. This should be only a matter of hours and crews will try to watch for cars in the driveways and ask folks first before they block the driveways while the water main is installed across the driveway in the roadway.
The Contractor hopes to have all the water main pipe installed by the end of the week.
Hydrant installations may begin after the water main is completed.
Once all the water main is installed, it will need to be pressure tested and then samples taken of the water inside it to make sure it is safe to connect it to the existing drinking water system. This testing work takes several days and will likely take place the week of July 16.