Work completed/in progress from the last update:

  • Connection to existing water main at 160th and Lakewood complete, intersection paved, and re-opened to traffic.
  • Area between 160th and 152nd restored and scheduled for seeding next week.
  • North half of Lakewood milled between Aniline and River.
  • South half of Lakewood milled between Division and Aniline for road reconstruct project.
  • Transmission main installation from Aniline to Elm Street complete.
  • Transmission main installation from 152nd to east of Bay Meadows complete.
  • Road building continues behind transmission main crew between 152nd and 144th
  • Remaining HDPE fusion complete and hydrostatic test complete.
  • Precision Trenching continuing to work on underground HBPW electric service between Division and Aniline.
  • Storm sewer replacement between Aniline and Beech was completed.
  • Sanitary lateral and water service replacement continues as necessary.
  • Held pre-construction meeting for road reconstruct project.


Anticipated activities for the upcoming week include:

  • Continue transmission main installation east of Elm Street.
  • Continue transmission main installation east of Bay Meadows to the west end of the HDD.
  • Continue road building between 152nd and 144th.
  • Dewatering setups, lateral replacement, and water service replacement, as necessary.