This Week:

  • K&R installed new 8-inch water main along Northville Drive between Lakehurst and Leelanau.
  • Marksman (K&R’s bore & jack subcontractor), is installing a 24-inch diameter steel casing in the sanitary sewer easement just south of Lakehurst today (6/10). This casing is being installed trenchless via a bore & jack and will house the 15-inch sanitary sewer.
  • Northville Drive was closed to thru traffic between Lakehurst and Leelanau.


Next Week:

  • K&R will install new 15-inch sanitary sewer through the bore & jack casing and complete sanitary sewer installation in the backyard easement.
  • Marksman will remove their bore & jack equipment and steel sheeting after the new sewer has been installed.
  • K&R will restore the backyard easement area after the sewer installation is complete.
  • Northville Drive will continue to be closed to thru traffic between Lakehurst Drive and Leelanau Drive.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.