This past week, the Contractor worked on:

  • Continued to work on the decorative brick crosswalks.
  • Switched the traffic to begin work on the south side of Sherman.
  • Removed pavement for crosswalks at Sanford.
  • Removed pavement for concrete intersection at Peck Street.
  • Began shaping and placing gravel road base for crosswalks and the intersection of Peck.
  • Work will take place on Saturday, June 12.
  • The City repaired a section of Sherman from a water main break that occurred after construction.


Please remember that left hand turns are not allowed at most intersections and signs are in place. We ask that you keep our workers safe and follow all traffic control rules within the construction zone.


Work anticipated for the week of June 14:

  • Continue to install asphalt setting bed for the bricks and then the bricks in the decorative crosswalks on the north side of Sherman.
  • Place, shape, and compact gravel for the concrete base under the crosswalks and for the Peck intersection.
  • Work on the northern crosswalks at Sanford, Peck, Maffett, Leahy and Hoyt will continue. As each is completed, turning movements will resume at each of these to/from Sherman.