Progress Report

This week:

  • Dykema completed water service stub installation in the 43 North Neighborhood and will complete water service stub installation along 11 Mile Road tomorrow (Saturday).
  • Dykema continued road reconstruction in Wolven Avenue.
  • Dykema started driveway and sidewalk replacement in the 43 North Neighborhood.


Next week:

  • Base course paving for Wolven Avenue and Bent Tree Ridge is scheduled for Tuesday, the 15th. After the road is based, Dykema will work on driveway and lawn restoration and place the top course of asphalt in the coming week.
  • Wolven Avenue will be open to traffic in the next two weeks.
  • Dykema will start water main construction on Elstner Avenue Monday.

Please contact a project representative if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect

  • Water main construction along Elstner Avenue.
  • Road reconstruction along Wolven Avenue, Bent Tree Ridge, Stoneridge Drive and Hopewell Drive.
  • Installation of water services on private property. This work will be coordinated between each individual property owner and the contractor you select to install your water service.
  • Water service stub installation along Elstner Avenue
  • Dykema’s overall project schedule anticipates the total project, including road paving and lawn restoration, being complete in late August 2021. Dykema is currently ahead of this schedule and on track to complete the project in August.


Anticipated Project Timeline

  • June
    • Wolven Avenue and Bent Tree Ridge Road reconstruction
    • Stoneridge Drive restoration
  • June – July
    • 43 North restoration
    • 11 Mile Road restoration
  • June – August
    • Elstner Avenue water main, water service installation, and restoration