Work Completed This Week

  • Replaced the 16-inch water main and storm sewer in the Southern Avenue intersection.
  • Installed approximately 800 feet 8-inch sanitary sewer from Dale Avenue south to Laketon Avenue.   360 feet of 36-inch storm sewer was simultaneously installed between Larch Avenue and Dale Avenue.
  • Finished grading the subbase and installing aggregate base on Phase 1.
  • Began fine grading the aggregate base at the north end of Phase 1 in preparation for paving.
  • Placed concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveways and sidewalk ramps throughout Phase 1.
  • Continued replacing sanitary laterals between Forest Avenue and Southern Avenue.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Finish installing concrete improvements on Phase 1 by midweek.
  • Continue replacing sanitary laterals between Forest Avenue and Laketon Avenue.
  • Begin installing new 8-inch water main from Southern Avenue to the south.
  • Finish fine grading the aggregate base on Phase 1 in preparation for the first layer of asphalt pavement to be installed mid to late next week.


Important Information

  • As concrete driveways and curb and gutter is installed on Phase 1, vehicle driveway access for residents will need to restricted temporarily to allow time for the concrete to cure properly.  Please park vehicles outside of the project area while concrete is being installed across your driveway approach.  Thank you for your patience!
  • Work on the added 36-inch storm sewer on Dale Avenue between Peck Street and Clinton Street is scheduled to begin the week of June 21.  The south half of the roadway will be replaced.
  • The underground crews will be working Saturday, June 12 (tomorrow) on Phase 2.