Dykema is scheduled to complete the two water main crossings of Herrington Ave. on Thursday and Friday this week (June 11 and 12). Once these crossings are complete, all the water main in this contract will have been installed: about 8,900 feet of 16-inch and 450 feet of 8-inch water main.

Dykema has been working on installing water services along Chandler Drive. After this week, they will have all the services installed on the north/south portion of Chandler, and residents can start connecting to the municipal system.

Dykema also completed lawn restoration in the US-131 median.


What to Expect Next Week (June 15 – 20)

  • Dykema will continue to pressure test and disinfect water main in Herrington and continue to install services in Chandler from west to east.
  • Dykema will be completing road restoration and lawn restoration as water services are completed.

Projected Timeline

  • Mid-June
    • Water main testing; water service stub installation; paving and lawn restoration along Chandler; restoration in private easement and US-131 right-of-way
  • During Last-half of June
    • Paving and Lawn restoration along Herrington
  • July 3
    • Project Completion