DeSal Excavating has installed about 4,300 feet of 16-inch water main (about 48% of the contract) from Pine Island Drive to about 500 feet southwest of Imperial Pine. They have completed this footage in about 4 weeks, averaging 215 feet of pipe installed per day.

The first section of water main has been pressure tested and disinfected, and DeSal has installed water service stubs along Pine Island and at the west end of House Street.

DeSal has not installed much pipe this week because they have been focused on testing the water main, installing driveway culverts, replacing driveways, installing water services, and beginning lawn and ditch restoration.

The guardrail has been removed southwest of Imperial Pine prior to installing the water main. Please take extra precautions when driving through this area.


What to Expect Next Week (June 15 – 20)

DeSal will continue installing water main along the north/west side of House Street and installing water service stubs.


Projected Timeline

  • June
    • Water main and service installation along House St
  • July
    • Water main installation complete; begin road reconstruction
  • August
    • Road reconstruction