The second week of construction saw a lot of activity on Sherman Boulevard between Baker and Park Streets. Please remember that Sherman Boulevard is closed to thru traffic. Please use side streets to get to your home or business to reduce traffic on Sherman as much as possible for the safety of the construction workers.



Work completed this past week:

  • New water main valves were installed at Park & Sherman and at 8th & Sherman as well as 4 different tapping valves at 8th and 7th Streets.
  • Water main connections were completed at 7th Street today
  • A water main connection was completed at 8th Street on Tuesday
  • Storm manholes were installed at Peck and Maffett Streets
  • Utility investigations to complete upcoming work was done

Work Anticipated the Week of June 15:

  • No work is anticipated for tomorrow, Saturday, June 13. Saturday work is likely during the remainder of the construction.
  • Crews will tie in the water mains at 9th Street and 8th Street on Monday, June 15.  This will involve a temporary disruption of water for residents on 9th Street and 8th Street between Sherman and Hume.
  • Sanitary Sewer improvements will be made at 7th Street with new manholes
  • New storm drainage manholes will be installed at 9th, 8th and 7th Streets
  • A 16-inch water main valve and hydrant will be replaced at the SW corner of Peck and Sherman. If all the existing valves in the water distribution system work properly, this work should not disrupt water service to any individual customers.

If your water is disrupted:

After drinking water is restored, we recommend you flush the water in your home starting at the lower floors and working your way up.  Run all the fixtures (sinks) with COLD water and flush toilets.  If your water is discolored, it will clear up shortly by flushing the COLD water in a bathtub.  Bathtubs typically do not have an aerator (screen) on the faucet and should not block any debris. If the water is cloudy, this is air trapped in the water and it will clear over time. If the water is reddish or brown, this is from iron inside the water mains and is not harmful and can be cleared up by flushing the water.

It is also recommended that you remove and clean any aerators on your sinks on a regular basis, even without construction.  Please refer to this helpful notice from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) regarding flushing lines and aerators.  Lead service lines on Sherman Boulevard will be replaced during this project and those affected residences will receive further instructions after replacement of the lead service line.



Work Anticipated for the Week of June 22:

  • Work may begin at Baker to prepare for the replacement of deep sanitary manholes in the Middle of Sherman
  • Water service line replacements
  • Storm manhole replacement just west of 5th Street
  • Possibly some water service replacements