This week, the contractor placed concrete curb and gutter between Lake Street and King Street. They also installed driveway approaches and completed the remainder of the retaining wall work. Finish grading and compacting of the gravel road base took place in preparation of paving. Restoration work behind the curb and walls took place

Here is the work we expect to see take place next week, the week of June 17, 2019:

Contractor does anticipate working tomorrow, Saturday, June 15.
A few more retaining wall sections need to be finished with caps and more work around the walls near 314 Main Street and their driveway approach will be done.
The remainder of concrete sidewalk will be completed Tuesday, June 18.
Additional restoration will take place behind the curb and walls.
Erosion control work will take place next week at the north end of Livingston to restore an area washed out by last fall’s heavy rains. This is planned for Thursday, June 20.
Communication (Frontier and Charter) companies still need to relocate their lines to the new poles before Consumers Energy can remove the old poles. The communication companies also have a few poles to relocate/replace of their own. This unfortunately has held up the completion of the final pieces of curb which ultimately holds up the paving operations.
Once the utility poles are moved, the final pieces of curb can be completed. Once that curb is poured and cured, the asphalt paving may begin.