We would like to recognize the Lakeside Emporium for their Anniversary celebration this weekend! Crews will not be working in this area near Torrent and Lakeshore tomorrow (Saturday, June 15).

Work that took place this week:

The contractor finished the installation of the large 30-inch diameter water main. The water main was tested for leaks. It has been disinfected and tests will be taken over the weekend to ensure the pipe is sanitary. New hydrants were installed from the new water main. New storm drainage structures have been installed between Addison and Robinson. A water service leak was discovered today near the old Harbor Theater and was promptly repaired. The road had to be temporarily closed and traffic rerouted to complete the repairs on this line that is connected to the old south water main.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of June 17, 2019:

Work will continue tomorrow, Saturday, June 15 with removal of old storm drains near McCracken.
The first water main tie-in on this section of water main between McCracken and Addison is currently scheduled for Monday, June 17, 2019 and should only affect addresses 1700 and 1716 Lakeshore Drive for 4-6 hours.
Tie-ins will also be conducted to the water main to the north at McCracken and the water main to the north at Torrent which will disrupt water to the Marina and the Ferry Dock.
Water services will be replaced for homes and businesses on the north side of the road to the new water main. Subcontractor for this work will be SWT Excavating and this work may also involve indoor plumbing connections.
More work will take place removing old storm drains and installing new ones for the new road.
Contractor will begin grading the road and preparing the subbase for the new road starting at Laketon and working their way west to McCracken.
Aggregate road base installation may begin next week which is one of the last steps before paving.