We are hoping to get as many water service replacements scheduled as soon as possible. The sooner all the water services are replaced, the sooner the Contractor can remove the old water main and begin the remainder of construction, especially the rebuilding the road. Please contact SWT Excavating to schedule your water service replacement at 269.327.1908 or customersupport@swtexcavating.com.

There have been some planned water service interruptions in the neighborhood of this project that has shut the water off for folks, but we want to assure everyone that the WATER IN MUSKEGON HEIGHTS IS SAFE TO DRINK. If there are any issues with the water quality, the City has a procedure in place that would notify the local print, digital, radio and TV media as well as the County Health Department and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE). The interruptions to the water supply in this neighborhood are normal with any water main construction.  It is normal to experience some air in the lines or possibly discolored water for a brief period of time after the water is briefly interrupted for construction. We ask that you flush the COLD water through a bath tub or faucet that does not have a screen or aerator in the spigot until the water is clear. If the water appears cloudy – that is normal as it represents air bubbles in the water. If the water does not clear up either on its own or by flushing, please call the City Water Department at 231.733.8885 or one of the numbers listed below.


Work Completed This Past Week:

  • Crews connected the new water mains in Baker and Hume to the existing water mains in three different locations
  • Numerous water services were replaced on Leahy between Sherman and Barney from the new water main all the way into the home
  • Storm drainage pipes, new inlets and catch basins were installed on Leahy


Work Anticipated Week of June 19, 2023:

  • Crews will be working on Monday, June 19 (Juneteenth Holiday)
  • Water Service Replacements (roughly 15 water services scheduled currently)
  • Continued work on storm drain pipes and structures
  • Site maintenance and general clean up in preparation for road rebuilding which will likely begin in another week or two


Work Anticipated Week of June 26, 2023:

  • Finish water service replacements
  • Complete storm drain pipe and structure installation/replacement
  • Make final connections for water main and retire the old water main
  • Completion of all underground utility work
  • Begin grading for road reconstruction with road base gravel material
  • Prepare for new concrete curb and gutter installation


Please note the following when your water service is replaced: Remember to flush all the water lines in your home for several minutes – both hot and cold, and both inside and outside spigots. You may experience air in the water lines as well.  If the water is discolored – run the cold water in your bath tub until the water clears up. If the water appears cloudy, it is normal as that is typically tiny air bubbles inside the water and those will go away over time.