This week, Consumers came and removed the power poles allowing the contractor to finalize the work in conflict with the poles. The contractor installed sidewalk and sidewalk ramps at the intersections. They also placed some additional retaining wall and completed placing the retaining wall caps. Finish grading and compacting the gravel road base was completed to the project limits. The contractor is paving the HMA leveling course this afternoon.

Here is the work we expect to see take place next week, the week of June 24, 2019:

Contractor does anticipate working tomorrow, Saturday, June 22.
Manhole castings will be raised along with prepping for curb and gutter at King St. and Johnson St.
The remainder of the retaining wall work will be completed.
Concrete driveways are planned to be poured on Monday, June 24 along with the remainder of curb and gutter.
HMA driveways are planned to be paved on Monday, June 24 for base level and Wednesday, June 26 for top level.
Restoration and general site cleanup will be taking place throughout the week as well.