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Last Two Weeks:

  • B&L Excavation is almost complete with the water main construction in the Squirewood neighborhood.
  • An unmarked gas main was hit during water main construction this week. DTE crews were called immediately and the main was repaired that same afternoon.
  • Today, B&L started work on the water main going east down Squirewood Court.


Next Week:

  • B&L will finish water main installation on Squirewood Court and then begin filling the new water main with water.
  • B&L and the Plainfield Water Department will flush the new water main; pressure test it to confirm there are no leaks, and complete disinfection testing Monday thru Thursday.
  • Pending passing test results, B&L will begin installing water service stubs on Thursday and Friday. It is critical that the residents on Squirewood install their “W.S. Here” stake where you want your water service to be installed by early next week.
  • B&L will also begin prepping for concrete work which is tentatively scheduled for the week of July 4th.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.