Heavy rains at the end of this week have slowed things down a bit on Peck Street, but significant progress was still made on both phases. Kamminga & Roodvoets is planning to work tomorrow, Saturday June 26 (weather dependent) on spreading top soil on Phase 1.


Work Completed This Week

  • Installed the 36-inch storm sewer along Dale Avenue from Peck Street to Clinton Street after the roadway was removed earlier this week.
  • Tied in the new water main on Phase 2 at Laketon Avenue and at Southern Avenue.
  • Began replacing water services on Phase 2.
  • Finished replacing the sanitary laterals on Phase 2.
  • Raised all manhole castings on Phase 1 and continued spreading top soil over all disturbed areas.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Pave the top course of asphalt on Phase 1 (rescheduled for Tuesday – weather dependent).
  • Continue replacing water services on Phase 2.
  • Continue spreading top soil on Phase 1 in preparation for hydroseeding.
  • Finish miscellaneous concrete improvements on Phase 1.