DeSal Excavating has installed water main to approximately 2115 House Street. At this time, they have installed a total of about 7,400 feet of 16-inch water main (over 80% of the contract) from Pine Island Drive to the east. They have completed this footage in about 6 weeks, averaging about 250 feet of pipe installed per day. If DeSal maintains the current water main installation rate, they hope to finish constructing the 16-inch water main by or shortly after the July 4th holiday.

DeSal and the Plainfield Water Department continued to pressure test and disinfect sections of water main as they are completed so that water service installation can continue.

Some water service Quotation Forms have been received. If residents have not yet talked to a contractor about installing the private water service, they should make contact as soon as possible.


What to Expect Next Week (June 29 – July 3)

DeSal will continue installing water main along the north side of House Street, pressure testing and disinfecting the water main, and installing water service stubs.


Projected Timeline