Due to rain, the paving of Townline Avenue and Red Arrow Highway could not be completed. The intersection will remain closed for this weekend. Paving has been rescheduled for June 29, 2020. Union Pier east of Red Arrow Highway will remain closed for the foreseeable future.


Work Completed this Week:

  • Sanitary sewer installation in Union Pier Road intersection completed.
  • Gravel base in Townline Avenue and Red Arrow Highway placed and graded.
  • Acceptance testing of sanitary sewer continued.
  • Existing sanitary sewer abandoned.
  • Flows transferred to new meter piping and bypass operation turned off.
  • Dewatering equipment removed.


Activities Expected for Next Week (June 29 –  July 2):

  • Complete temporary restoration of Townline Avenue and two lanes of Red Arrow Highway.
  • Traffic shift along Red Arrow Highway
  • Removal of outer northbound lane of Red Arrow Highway from Union Pier to Berrien Street.