Work Completed This Week

West Michigan Dirt works has completed the base course of asphalt on Exchange. Manholes and water valve boxes have been adjusted to final grade. Cutler Street water services are complete and restoration of Cutler has begun. The City Auto Body dumpster screen is near completion, only cap block, and setting the gate remain, north parking has also been based with asphalt, as has Beechtree cul-de-sac. Existing 12” force main termination, and access point is complete.
The top course of asphalt is scheduled for Saturday June 29th weather permitting.
Anticipated Work Next Week

The contractor is completing restoration of Exchange, topsoil, and sidewalk ramps to be completed. Striping of Exchange is scheduled for Monday July 1st with final cleanup on Tuesday and anticipated opening by July 3rd.
There is a meeting on Monday to determine the best course of action for restoration of Cutler Street, due to high river levels.
Questions / Comments

Still concern of high river levels on the south end of Cutler.
During paving access for driveways will be intermittently blocked. The Contract will work to notify residents prior to paving.