Work that took place this week:

The Contractor began cutting soil and compacting it for the new roadway on the north side between Addison and Laketon. Gravel road base is being delivered and will be shaped to be ready for the new concrete road to be placed after Independence Day. Water services to homes and businesses are being replaced and installed between Torrent and Addison. Grading the areas behind the new curb for the new sidewalk between Frisbee and Laketon is being done. The new roadway in this location will be placed in a different location than the old road because the new road will be a little narrower than the old roadway because there will not be an island near Lakeshore and Laketon.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of July 1, 2019:

Work is not expected tomorrow, Saturday, June 29, 2019, but this may change for more water service work.
Water service replacement will continue east of McCracken to Blodgett and hopefully all will be completed.
If all water services are installed, the final water main tie-in in this phase will be completed at McCracken
Once the final water main connection is complete at McCracken, the old 24 inch water main on the north side of the road will be removed and the remainder of the drainage pipes will be installed on the north end
Once the water main pipes are removed and the drainage system is built, the roadway can be built between McCracken and Addison
The roadway will begin taking shape for paving after Independence Day Weekend
Work will take place next week only from Monday through Wednesday as the Contractor will not be working through the Independence Day Holiday Weekend.