Work completed/in progress from this past week:

  • 152nd Avenue intersection paved and opened to traffic.
  • Leak detection in 36″ transmission main between 160th through 152nd
  • Drilling contractor continues to remove material for pipe installation beneath Pine Creek.
  • 36″ transmission main construction east of 144th progressed to approximately 500′ E of the eastern Winter Oaks drive.
  • Water service and sanitary lateral verification and replacement.
  • Started fine grading aggregate base between 160th and 152nd.
  • Precision Trenching began work to relocate and underground HBPW electric service between Aniline and Division.
  • Milled north side of Lakewood between 152nd and 144th.


Anticipated activities for next week include:

  • Close 160th Ave intersection and start work on tie-in to 30″ interconnect.
  • ID leak between 160th and 152nd and repair as necessary.
  • Pressure test and disinfect transmission main between 160th and 152nd
  • HDD crew continue 54” ream pass and pull back 42″ pipe.
  • Water service and sanitary lateral verification and replacement.
  • Dewatering setups as necessary.
  • Continue transmission main installation east of 144th