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The tree removal has been completed for both projects. The tree removal subcontractor wrapped up their work earlier this week and have now left the site. With the tree removal complete, the temporary lane closures will be minimized. Lanes may still close temporarily to allow haul vehicles access to the trail, so please continue to be mindful of the crews.

Despite the weather and smoke this week, the subcontractor, 28 Specialties, has made great progress on the retaining walls on Airway. They expect to be wrapped up on Airway and heading over to begin the walls on Jericho by the end of next week.

All of our contractors and subcontractors plan to enjoy their holiday weekend, and once their day is done today, Friday, June 30th, they will not return to the project site until next Wednesday, July 5th.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!