As you may have heard, there have been some material shortages across the country and delays in getting materials for projects. This project is no exception. Therefore, there were no real large changes to the project this week, but we are being assured that will not be the case next week.

Please remember that the parking lot is CLOSED. Please DO NOT ENTER the parking lot with vehicles over the weekend!  Walking through the parking lot is allowed, but please be aware there are many trip hazards and the lights are not yet functional, making it dark at night.


This past week, the following work was completed:

  • Work on the irrigation system was done
  • General site cleanup was performed

Due to the lack of significant changes, there was no need for any new photos this week. Please stay tuned for next week!


The Contractor is planning to work on the following items next week, June 7, 2021:

  • Landscaping and planting work will be accomplished
  • Completion of the irrigation system
  • Completion of the lighting and electrical system
  • Work on preliminary punchlist items that need to be addressed
  • Pave the last course of asphalt late in the week

Some of the materials have been postponed or back-ordered, but while things were looking like an early completion (before the end of June) it appears the project may be finished simply on time. A lot will depend on what materials can get delivered and installed over the next 2 weeks.



Please do not try to move barricades over the weekend or try to park in the parking lot. The parking lot is closed. All work planned is weather dependent.