Water main installation was completed this week in Chandler Drive. See status map. Along Chandler, Herrington and under US-131, about 9,000 feet (1.7 miles) of 16-inch diameter water main was installed in seven (7) weeks, with Dykema’s multiple crews averaging nearly 1,300 feet installed per week.

All the water main in Chandler Drive has been pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks.

Dykema still must complete the water main crossings on Herrington Ave at Rolling Meadow Drive & Strawberry Farms. More information will follow when these crossings are scheduled.

This week Dykema started installing water service stubs along Chandler Drive at Shining Tree Drive and is working north along Chandler. These water service stubs will extend from the water main to the edge of the public road right-of-way.


What to Expect Next Week (June 8 – 13)


Projected Timeline