Work that took place this past week:

  • Storm Drainage pipes and structures were installed and completed.
  • Old storm drainage system was removed from Carleton and Collier.
  • Driveways were removed along West Collier for water main work.
  • Temporary water main was installed and connected to all residences on West Collier.
  • Nearly 500 feet of new water main pipe and a new fire hydrant were installed on West Collier.


Here is what to expect next week, the week of June 8:

  • Water main pipe installation should be completed.
  • Water main should be pressure tested, sanitized, and then sampled for cleanliness and safety before it is back in service.
  • New water main will likely be tied in and water services for the homes on West Carleton will be transferred over to the new water main.
  • Rebuilding the road will begin with road gravel and then graded to the correct elevations.
  • Preparations for driveway restorations.



We are still on schedule to have all construction complete by September 1, 2020, but please remember that all of the work is weather dependent.

The contractor will work with the US Post Office and local garbage haulers to ensure that mail gets delivered and refuse is picked up on the scheduled day.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any issues with either.

Thank you very much for your ongoing patience and cooperation on this important infrastructure improvement. Remember, please share this information with residents and neighbors who may not be aware.