Work that took place this week: The contractor began placing the final leg of water main between McCracken and Torrent. Water main has been installed between McCracken and Mann and work will continue on that tomorrow. One of the old water mains has been removed between VanderLinde and Palmer and water services were tapped and most replaced on the new main between VanderLinde and Palmer. New storm sewer was installed near Lakeshore and Laketon.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of June 10, 2019:

Work will continue tomorrow, Saturday, June 8 with water main installation east of Mann Street.
All water main should be installed by mid-week next week with pressure testing, disinfection and sampling taking place the end of the week with water main tie-ins possibly scheduled for early the week of June 17. This is when water service will be disrupted for a few hours at a time. We will know more at the end of next week to inform customers as soon as possible as to where these disruptions will take place and who they will affect. At this time, we are looking at affecting customers on the north side of the road between Denmark and Addison.
New storm sewer installation will continue.
Removal of the north 24” water main will take place after all the water main is tied in and all customers on the north side of the road are tied to the new water main.
Road reconstruction will begin to take place after the storm sewer is complete
De-watering activities will cease after next week.