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Lots of progress this week! Tinkham is starting to look like a road again with paving and more concrete being completed.

Work Completed This Week

  • The first course of asphalt was laid from Lakeshore to Gaylord Street.
  • Aggregate was placed from St. Paul to Williams.
  • Concrete curb and gutter was completed from Gaylord to Williams. All curb on the project is now complete.
  • Manhole covers were raised west of Gaylord.

Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Install all remaining concrete sidewalk and drive approaches.
  • Complete aggregate grading in preparation for paving east of Gaylord.
  • Possibly by end of the week, the first course of asphalt will be placed east of Gaylord; however, this is more likely to happen the week of the 17th.