Work Completed This Past Week:

  • Crews finished laying the last sections of mainline pipe for the drinking water and started the last few tests for connections
  • Crews began replacing water services between Sherman and Barney on Leahy and worked hard at scheduling many more for the next 2 weeks
  • Storm drainage pipes began to be replaced near the intersection of Hume and Leahy


Work Anticipated Week of June 12, 2023:

  • Connect last piece of new water main to new system at Leahy and Hume after successful tests
  • Storm Drain Pipe and Structure replacement
  • Water Service Replacements (roughly 15 water services scheduled currently)
  • June 14 – Weather Permitting – Large Shut Down of roughly 90 Customers:
    • Leahy, between Sherman and Hume (those who haven’t had their service replaced yet)
    • Baker, between Sherman and Barney
    • Maffett, Between Sherman and Hovey
    • East side of Peck, Sherman to Hume
  • This is to connect the new water main at Hume and Baker to the existing water distribution system.  Water will be off for about 6-8 hours.


Work Anticipated Week of June 19, 2023:

  • Continued water service replacements
  • Storm Drain Pipe and Structure replacement
  • Possibly begin grading for road rebuilding.


Please note the following when your water service is replaced:  Remember to flush all the water lines in your home for several minutes – both hot and cold, and both inside and outside spigots.  You may experience air in the water lines as well.  If the water is discolored – run the Cold water in your bath tub until the water clears up.  If the water appears cloudy, it is normal as that is typically tiny air bubbles inside the water and those will go away over time.