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This Week:

  • The first portion of road paving was completed on the east end of the project site.
  • Brenner Excavating continued to install 16-inch water main between Wateredge Drive and Freska Lake Drive.
  • Brenner Excavating installed the 8-inch water main stub across 10 Mile Road at Wateredge Drive.
  • Dewatering equipment was moved down near Freska Lake Drive so that the 16-inch water main installation can continue.


Next Week:

  • Brenner Excavating will complete the 16-inch water main installation along 10 Mile Road with the exception of the water main crossing the Freska Lake Drain.
  • Brenner Excavating will continue water service stub installation on the next section of water main between Freska Pines and the Freska Lake Drain.
  • Road work and storm sewer installation will continue.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.