Work completed this week:

Gabe’s Construction completed the pilot hole on the directional drill! On Tuesday the last pipe was installed and crews located the pipe on the south side of the river at the north end of Beechtree. 3,975 feet across the Grand River and they hit the spot within a foot for alignment and will have minor adjustments on grade.
Crews are setting up their mud rig on the south side of the river and are preparing for the reaming process, which involves cleaning out the hole that the pipe will be pulled back through.
On Monday, West Michigan Dirtworks began their week with the final connection from 12-inch bypass assemblies to new 16-inch force main. Once all connections were complete, the new 16-inch main was pressure tested to 150psi, and held tight. The transfer was made Wednesday morning. That allowed WMDW to begin removing the old 12-inch main from the Beechtree/Fulton intersection south. The Beechtree cul-de-sac was also prepared for Gabe’s Construction to begin their set up in the cul-de-sac. With removals complete from Beechtree/Fulton south, the storm system installation has begun, and will likely go into early next week.
What to expect next week:

Gabe’s Construction anticipates beginning to ream the hole to its final diameter beginning on Monday or Tuesday.
West Michigan Dirtworks will complete storm system installation, and make road passable, but still remaining closed.
Both Contractors remain on schedule, although the pipe delivery was delayed by a couple of weeks.