The project has started in full force this week, even through the snow and rain significant progress can already be seen. Reminder to everyone that this is a construction site, please be extra cautious when in the area. Never assume that equipment operators can see you.


Work Completed This Week
  • The road surface was removed from Morrall St. to Apple Ave.
  • Curb & gutter and driveway approach removal along Northbound Lane from Strong Ave. to Apple Ave.
  • Terrace area topsoil removal along westside of Sanford from Strong Ave. to Apple Ave.


Anticipated Work Next Week
  • Continuation of terrace area topsoil removal.
  • Curb & gutter and drive approach removal along Southbound Sanford St. from Morrall St. to Apple Ave.
  • Sidewalk removal along Westside of Sanford St.
  • Begin placement of new sanitary sewer on Sanford St. starting from Strong Ave. and proceeding to the north.