Progress Report

We have come to the end of the first week of work on the North Mears Parking Lot Improvement project in the City of Whitehall.

This past week the Contractor completed the following work:

  • Installed Traffic Control Devices and closed off the Parking Lot
  • Began and completed the removals of the asphalt surface of the parking lot
  • Began removing the old storm drainage system for the parking lot
  • Began removing the old gravel base material (much of it was old slag material)
  • Staked the layout of the proposed storm sewer system
  • De-energized the existing lighting system in the parking lot and began removals of some of the light poles
  • Removed trees from the islands of the parking lot
  • Began preparation for the installation of the new storm sewer


There was also a lot of investigation into where things were buried such as where the water main is, planning for the new gas service, planning for the new irrigation system and making minor adjustments to utility locations as necessary.


Next week, the Contractor is planning to work on:

  • Installing the new storm drainage system for the parking lot.
  • Uncover roof drain connections for connections into the new drainage system.
  • Continue to remove the old gravel slag material that was under the asphalt.



Please do not try to move barricades over the weekend or try to park in the parking lot. The parking lot is closed. All work planned is weather dependent, but the Contractor is still on schedule to be complete in late June 2021.