Work completed this week:

Gabe’s Construction had the Fusible PVC pipe delivered to the site and began stringing and fusing pipe along Beechtree Street from Fulton Street to the north. The contractor anticipates 10–12 days of fusing. Below is a photo of the fusing machine and the pipeline strung out along Beechtree Street.
Gabe’s Construction encountered some issues during the reaming process and has begun to redrill the pilot hole.
West Michigan Dirtworks completed storm pipe installation from Beechtree Street/Fulton Street intersection south. The intersection has been cleared and smoothed up for Gabe’s construction to continue pipe fusing operation.
What to anticipate next week:

Gabe’s Construction will continue to work on the pilot hole.
West Michigan Dirtworks will likely receive materials for the Spring Lake Lift Station by–pass late next week. Until then, the Contractor will not be present, as they are ahead of schedule through next week.
Monday, April 15th is the anticipated start date for work on the Village of Spring Lake side, beginning on Division Street and moving down Exchange Street toward Cutler Street.

Gabe’s Construction is reviewing their schedule and will likely work two shifts during the reaming process to get back on schedule. West Michigan Dirtworks remains on schedule.