This past Monday, March 23, the Plainfield Charter Township Board of Trustees awarded the “Area 1B” Herrington Avenue, Chandler Drive and US131 Crossing water main construction contract to Dykema Excavators, Inc. of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This contract is one of the first water main projects undertaken by Plainfield Township to provide municipal water to residents affected by PFAS contamination. Construction will include installation of 16-inch water main along Chandler Drive from Shining Tree Drive to Herrington Avenue, then along Herrington Ave. from Chandler Dr. north to the cul-de-sac at US131. It will also include construction of a 16-inch water main through two private easements west of Herrington Ave. and crossing under US131 near the median turnaround.

A second contract (“Area 1A”) will install 16-inch water main along House Street from Pine Island Drive to just south of Brent Road and will connect to the Area 1B water main. Bids for the Area 1A contract are scheduled to be opened on April 2. We will have construction updates posted for Area 1A on a separate web-page (link coming soon).

Will this project be affected by Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home – Stay Safe” Executive Order 2020-21? Overall, the answer is “no.” Plainfield Township has designated this a critical infrastructure project, so construction will continue as planned. But as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that residents, contractors and project officials all respect social distancing guidelines and be courteous to and patient with each other. Construction in a developed area is always challenging, but it can go very smoothly if we all work together and communicate regularly.

Project Safety Planning – if construction commences before the “Stay Home – Stay Safe” Executive Order expires, we anticipate additional challenges with more adults and children at home than is normal. You and your children may certainly watch the construction, but it is VERY important that you do so from a safe distance. PLEASE talk to your children about safety, and don’t expect the construction crews to watch your children during the workday.

What to Expect (March 30—mid-April)


For the duration of this construction project, we will provide regular updates that will inform you of what is happening presently and what you can expect to see coming up, including water main construction, traffic control, project safety, access to homes, etc.

Please share this information with your neighbors who may not have email or access to the internet.

Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a successful project!