Well we have seen significant change in our community, our country and the globe in the last two weeks, unprecedented change. This change has impacted all of the City’s construction projects except one so far, the “North Shore Reconstruction Project”.

As many of you may know, this project is an MDOT project meaning that both communities received state or federal funds to reconstruct the road. MDOT holds a contract with the contractor (Milbocker) and each municipality holds a contract with MDOT. While this may sound convoluted to some, it’s been the way for a long time. With that said, MDOT is very hands off with a significant portion of the project specifics and allows the communities to rebuild the road to the needs of the community.  By all means, projects like these are a joint venture to utilize state and federal funds. Therefore, the state has jurisdiction over the contractor officially and MDOT has made a determination state wide that all MDOT projects meet the qualifications of critical infrastructure. This opinion isn’t shared by all municipalities.  The City of Grand Haven and the City of Ferrysburg have been in constant contact with MDOT and have had numerous conversations regarding the necessity to continue this project.

With all that background information hopefully clearly conveyed, be aware that the contractor is scheduled to continue working on this project at this time. Of course this could change at any moment and please don’t be concerned if it does. The contractor would be required to secure the site and continue to make it safe during any required shut down. Any changes in this will be quickly communicated to everyone.


The construction schedule, as planned currently is as follows:



Driveway Reconstruction

When the concrete driveways are reconstructed, no traffic will be allowed on the driveways for up to seven (7) days. Those driveways that are asphalt will remain asphalt. Again, those will be paved when the road is re-paved. The asphalt driveways will remain gravel in the interim.


Traffic Control

The site will begin to have lane closures and shoulder closures again. These closures should be much less intrusive as they are working on the side of the road.  Please use caution as you traverse the construction site.



The current predictions continue to be that Milbocker’s paving contractor, Michigan Paving, will be on site April 20th to begin paving operations.  This, of course, is very weather dependent and now COVID-19 dependent. Our current weather pattern should keep us on that schedule.