Construction Startup: April 10

  • Work Plan: Construction is scheduled to begin on Monday April 10 with asphalt removal along Maple Street(from Main to Lincoln) and along Courtland Street (from Dayton to Pearl). The asphalt removal process will last a few days and be followed by removal of concrete curbs and driveway aprons..
  • Traffic and Access: Maple and Courtland Streets will be closed to through traffic. Access to properties within the work site will be provided on a gravel surface.
  • Stakes and Flagging: Expect to see construction stakes and colored flags showing up in your yards in the next two weeks. Do not remove any of the flags or stakes, as they are marking existing underground utilities and providing information on where the new utilities are to be installed.
  • Underground Sprinkling: If you have underground lawn sprinkling, please mark the sprinkler heads before April 10 and send an email to to let us know. This will enable us to work around or make repairs as needed.
  • Questions or Concerns: Please contact any project representative below if you have questions or concerns.