As the weather has improved so has activity on the project site.

In the last week, work continued on the building and site concrete. Work at the site is expected to ramp up more over the next couple of weeks if the weather continues to cooperate.


Work Completed Last Week (March 1 – 5)

  • Exterior insulation was installed on the restroom building.
  • Electrical and mechanical interior work continued in the restroom.
  • The concrete seat wall was installed at the south end of the project.
  • Sidewalk scallops were poured along the south end of the project.
  • Forms for sidewalk were set for next week’s pours.
  • Installation of the Pavilion pier has begun and anticipated to be completed next week.


Anticipated Work Next Week (Weather dependent)

  • Concrete sidewalk work will continue.
  • Work on the exterior of the building is expected to continue.
  • Piers will be poured for the new pavilion.