DeSal Excavating is still working through the necessary paperwork for the contract, including bonds, insurance, and construction material submittals. Once this is complete, they will be given the Notice to Proceed, and construction will commence.

You may have seen that construction stakes were installed this week. One set of stakes shows the edge of the public road right-of-way. The second line of stakes shows the location of the new water main. DeSal will be using these stakes to determine which trees need to be cut down in preparation for water main construction.

Several truckloads of water main pipe were delivered to the job site today, May 1.

Please contact any project representative below if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect Next Week (May 4 – 9)

Representatives from Plainfield Township, Prein&Newhof and DeSal will be on site Monday morning to do a walk-through and mark trees that need to be cut down for water main installation. As stated previously, the intent is to preserve as many trees as possible; however, many trees – some large – will need to be removed. If you have questions about the trees that are marked for removal, please contact one of the Prein&Newhof project representatives.


Project Timeline