There is a separated system in Whitehall. One sewer, the ‘sanitary’ sewer carries the wastewater from homes and businesses. This flows via gravity sewer pipes or is pumped through lift stations (sometimes several times) all the way to the Muskegon County Wastewater Management System in Egelston Township. This is where it is treated and disinfected before it goes back into our lakes and rivers.

The other, ‘storm’ sewer carries rain water that doesn’t soak into the ground to creeks or to White Lake. The primary function of this is to drain road surfaces to ensure safe travel. This water is not treated before discharge to our lakes and rivers. Luckily, Main Street is well above the level of White Lake given current high water issues in the area.

This week, the contractor finished the replacement of the sanitary sewer main from 325 Main Street to 107 Main Street. The main was leak tested to ensure there were no leaks that would allow groundwater to enter it. This was all of the planned replacement of sewer main to be done as the other portions had already been replaced in the recent past (last 20 years). Sanitary sewer mains should have a life of at least 50 years and the sewers installed in this neighborhood date back at least 60 years, but more likely 80 years. Sewer services to homes in this stretch were replaced as well. Some of the existing old storm sewer pipe and structures at the intersections of King and Johnson were removed.

Here is the work we expect to see take place next week, the week of May 13:

No work is currently planned for tomorrow, Saturday, May 11, 2019, but Saturday work may occur in the future.
New storm sewer pipe and drainage structures will be installed at the King and Johnson intersections.
New retaining walls with landscaping block may begin to take shape along the steep slopes next to the roadway.
Consumers Energy and other overhead utilities will continue to work on relocating their utility poles.
The contractor is doing their best to maintain a drive-able surface for local residents who live on Main, Johnson or King, but Main Street is closed to thru traffic. Please also remember that the stop signs are still in place on Mears and on Lake Street even though Main Street is under construction.