The focus this week was on completing the water main tie-in at Apple Avenue, completing the storm sewer on Sanford, and completing connecting homes to the new sanitary sewer.  Water service replacements have continued and the road rebuild has begun on Sanford Street from Strong Avenue to the north. The focus next week will be on continuing the road rebuild on Sanford Avenue.


Work Completed This Week

  • Contractor completed watermain tie-in at Apple Ave.
  • Contractor began building road on Sanford St. from Strong Ave. toward the North.
  • Contractor completed Storm Sewer on Sanford St.
  • Contractor abandoned old existing watermain and sanitary sewer main on Sanford St.
  • Contractor completed connecting homes to the new sanitary sewer mainline.
  • Contractor continued work on water service replacement.


Anticipated Work Next Week

  • Continue building road on Sanford St. and on Merrill Ave.


Please note that the Contractor will be working this Saturday, May 13th.