This Week:

  • As of this week, all the water main and water service work has been completed by CL Trucking. You may contact your selected contractor to begin scheduling the water service connection into your house.
  • CL Trucking worked on lawn restoration this week. It is critical that you water your newly planted lawn areas to promote good grass growth.
  • Private water service contractors began installing water services into houses.


Next Week:

  • CL Trucking will continue lawn restoration efforts. Irrigation systems which were damaged by construction will be replaced after the lawn restoration is complete to ensure that the sprinkler heads are set at the correct height.
  • CL Trucking is planning on completing all concrete restoration work by replacing concrete curbs and driveways.
  • CL Trucking will begin preparing asphalt road and driveways for paving which is scheduled to be completed the week of May 22.


Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.