Progress Report

On Thursday, May 20, Prein&Newhof (P&N) will be walking the project site with CL Trucking & Excavating and their tree clearing subcontractor, Integrity Tree Services, to mark trees for removal in the public road right-of-way (ROW) and easement areas. Early next week, P&N survey crews will be staking the water main location and the edges of the ROW and easements.

Integrity Tree Services is scheduled to begin tree clearing after the Memorial Day holiday on June 1. Tree clearing for the entire project area is expected to take 3 weeks. CL Trucking & Excavating plans to begin water main construction one week after tree clearing is completed.

Please contact a project representative if you have questions or concerns.


What to Expect

June 1, 2021

  • Integrity Tree Services to start tree clearing.

End of June 2021

  • CL Trucking & Excavating plans to commence construction in June. See Project Timeline below for anticipated construction schedule.

Long Term

  • As soon as the water main in one area is complete, tested, and ready for water service connections, Plainfield Township will communicate with you to start the process of installing water services on private property.
  • Estimated project completion date: October 9, 2021


Projected Timeline

  • June 1 – 18
    • Tree Clearing
  • Late-June – September
    • Water Main and Water Service Construction
  • September – Early-October 
    • Lawn, Driveway, and Road Restoration


Please share this information with your neighbors who may not have email or access to the internet.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a successful project in your neighborhood!