Tree clearing was completed this week. We understand it is difficult to see trees cut down, especially given the circumstances. Please know that we kept tree clearing to the minimum amount necessary and will continue to do our best to minimize the impact of this construction project to House Street residents.

DeSal Excavating completed water main construction along Pine Island Drive this week. Today, May 15, they are installing the water main across Pine Island toward House Street. This crossing will be completed across half of the road at a time so that Pine Island does not have to be closed. Water main is installed across the southbound lanes first, with 2-way traffic maintained in the northbound lane. When the trench is back-filled and gravel installed up to the driving surface, the water main is installed across the northbound lanes, with 2-way traffic flipped to the southbound lane. Driving through this area will be slow today, but traffic will be maintained without a detour.

Re-paving of the Pine Island crossing area is scheduled for 11:00AM on Saturday, May 16.


What to Expect Next Week (May 18 – 23)

DeSal will begin water main installation along the north side of House Street, starting from Pine Island and working eastward.


Projected Timeline

  • May 18
    • Begin water main installation along House Street.
  • July
    • Water main installation complete; begin road reconstruction.
  • August 
    • Road reconstruction

  • *Timeline is subject to change.