We are preparing to begin some needed improvements to the buried and paved infrastructure in the City of Whitehall. Work will begin next week and will last through most of the summer and be complete before Labor Day. However, select areas will be done sooner. Here is a quick summary of locations that will be improved:


The storm drains in this area will be complete and functional by early June, 2020. The new water main in West Collier will be complete by the end of June, 2020.  Pavement will be done in July, 2020.

Then, the work will progress to several other areas that will be resurfaced with new pavement:

This work will take place in July and August 2020.


Here is what to expect next week (May 18 – 23):


All construction should be complete by September 1, 2020, but please remember that all of the work is weather dependent.

The contractor will work with the US Post Office and local garbage haulers to ensure that mail gets delivered and refuse is picked up on the scheduled day. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any issues with either.