Work that took place this week:

30-inch diameter water main was installed between VanderLinde and the Lakeshore/Laketon intersection. 30-inch diameter water main installation also began between Torrent and Estes. The contractor will build water main through the intersection of Estes tomorrow (Saturday, May 18), but will try to keep at least a lane of access open for the users of the Ferry, especially when it arrives and before it departs again in the morning. Drainage structures were delivered to the site and layout for new storm sewer installation between Addison Street and Laketon Avenue took place.

Here is what to expect next week, the week of May 20, 2019:

Water main installation should be completed between VanderLinde Street and Palmer Avenue. A tie–in may occur in this location late next week which will involve temporary disruption of water supply. Notifications will be provided 24 hours in advance for those affected in that area.
Water main will continue to be installed between Estes Street and Addison Street.
De–watering work will continue where water main is being installed between McCracken Street and Addison Street.
Drainage structure and storm sewer installation work may take place between Addison Street and Palmer Avenue.
The concrete base for the decorative wall near Ruddiman Creek and Frisbie could get formed and poured.