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Work completed recently:
  • All water main is complete from Slocum to Alice
  • New water main installed from Muskegon Avenue to south of Lewis Street
  • Grading, forming and preparation for concrete between Slocum and Alice
  • Restoration work between Slocum and Alice
  • Removals between Muskegon Avenue and Benston Street
What to expect week of May 20, 2024:
  • Pour concrete curb and gutter between Slocum and Alice – Please allow a minimum of 3 days for the concrete to cure
  • Continue water main installation from south of Lewis to Benston
What to expect week of May 27, 2024:
  • No work on Monday, May 27, 2024 due to Memorial Day Holiday
  • Continue water main installation on the east side of Warner Street south of Muskegon Avenue to Benston Street