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This Week:

  • Montgomery continued restoration work early in the week.
  • Montgomery began installing water services north of Pine Island Court.


Next Week:

  • Montgomery will continue to install water services at the north end of Pine Island Drive beginning of next week.
  • Montgomery’s crew will leave the site for about a month to complete another water main project for Plainfield Township on Warwick Glen Drive. This will allow time for the extra materials to show up on site which are required to complete the 16-inch water main construction.


The 16-inch water main will be rerouted into Pine Island Court to get around the swampy area along Pine Island Drive. The reroute is necessary because unsuitable soil conditions were encountered in this area which did not allow for traditional water main installation methods. Water service connections to houses will not be permitted until after the 16-inch water main work is completed in 1-2 months. Homeowners will receive a final letter when water service connections to houses are permitted to begin.

Please contact any project representative if you have questions or concerns.